Townsville Golf Club

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In consultation with local golf professional Karrie Webb, Harrison Golf has prepared a masterplan to alter the existing 27 hole course to a new 18 hole layout integrated with residential precincts. The new course will feature completely remodelled holes and the real estate will be amongst Townsville's most prestigious. The first stages of the real estate experienced strong sales and the Club are now playing on the first stage of work - 8 new holes.


The course is located on gently undulating flood-prone land adjacent to the Ross River, with several holes running immediately adjacent to the river including the new spectacular short par 4 opener. The existing landscape is beautiful with some enormous ancient raintrees, and several expansive views along the river and to Mount Stuart. The style or feel of the holes will be low-key in keeping with the surrounding landscape, and the clearing of vegetation will be kept to a minimum to maintain the natural advantages of the existing landscape. Several new wetlands will be created for flood storage, to drain the adjacent residential precincts, and to provide strategic and visual interest to some of the holes.


Stage 2 construction of the course is scheduled for 2017.


Stay posted on our website or Twitter (@BobHarrisonGolf) for updates as we progress construction.