Bob Harrison is the man responsible for creating the best [former employer's] courses over the past 20 years, including The National’s Moonah Course, The Glades, The Vintage, The Grand, Brookwater, Club Pelican, Ellerston and Sanctuary Lakes, as well as Nirwana Bali in Indonesia and others abroad.

Golf Digest.

An engaging and intriguing bloke, Harrison could probably be best summed up as an enigma. He is equal parts artist and engineer, dreamer and pragmatist.

Golf Australia.

Throughout the round the variety and beauty of the green settings, whether dramatically pushed up against the hazard or set in natural gullies or atop small ridges, is quite striking….. Ellerston has some wonderful holes and is one of the most fascinating golf courses built since the Great Depression.

Planet Golf.

The Moonah Course is one of the world’s most exciting modern creations. Aside from the number of impressive golf holes, the key to Moonah’s success as a big dune links are its outstanding bunkers and greens.

Planet Golf.

Golf Course Rankings

    New South Wales GC – Ranked No. 4 in Australia, 2016

    Ellerston Golf Course – Ranked No. 6 in Australia, 2016

    The National Moonah – Ranked No. 11 in Australia, 2016

    Nirwana Bali Golf Course - Ranked Asia's Best Golf Course

    Brookwater Golf Course – Ranked No. 25 in Australia, 2016

    The Grand Golf Club – Ranked No. 35 in Australia, 2016

    The Vintage Golf ClubRanked No. 43 in Australia, 2016

    The Glades Golf Course – Ranked No. 51 in Australia, 2016

    Pelican Waters Golf Club - Ranked No. 59 in Australia, 2016

    Stonecutters Ridge Golf Club – Ranked No. 67 in Australia, 2016

    Riverside Oaks - Bungool Course – Ranked No. 71 in Australia, 2016

    Sanctuary Lakes Golf Club – Ranked No. 77 in Australia, 2016

    Monash Country Club – Ranked No. 91 in Australia, 2016