Pelican Waters Golf Club

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This was another flat and featureless site which was reshaped from start to finish. Once again, very sophisticated contour drawings had to prescribe good golf and satisfy flood requirements.  The landscape in the roughs was created by transporting sand from the south of the site which contained the seeds of a natural heathland.  The heathland then regenerated to form an attractive, natural landscape.


This course was also planned to provide good golf and maximise the amenity between residential areas and the golf course.  Bob Harrison did the broad planning which integrated these land uses for the benefit of both.


Ranked 44 in Australia by GOLF AUSTRALIA Magazine, 2010


Client Testimonial


We had a flat site at Pelican Waters without many features, and we're thankful that Bob Harrison and the team were able to produce an interesting golf course.


Bob's flair for the artistic component of the course was matched by his planning efforts to help us achieve an integration between the golf course and our residential development, which has helped make the project a commercial success.


Roy Henzell.

Managing Director - Pelican Waters Project