Newcastle Golf Club vote for course redevelopment and to secure their financial future

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07 06 2016


In April 2016, Newcastle Golf Club members voted overwhelmingly in favour of exploring redevelopment opportunities in accordance with the preliminary routing plan below.


As a method to achieve financial security, the Club proposes to use land along Nelson Bay Road (containing existing holes 16, 17, and 18) for commercial development - and to build replacement holes in the north-eastern corner of the property.


The proposed new holes are in superior ground to those they will replace. The conditions are sandy, undulating and consistent with the land that produced many of Newcastle's finest holes. There are five new holes proposed (two par 3's, two par 4's, and a par 5) and two existing holes altered. The existing 11th will be reversed, and the angle of the tee shot will be altered on the existing 13th.


We are confident that the proposed new holes will be an enhancement to the course and increase it's standing among Australia's best.


The Club are currently undertaking the required planning and rezoning processes for the commercial development and new holes. We will keep you updated on the progress as key milestones are met.