Monash Country Club

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Harrison Golf completed an overall masterplan to guide the future remodelling of the course.


We are currently completing the remodelling of a number of greensites and bunker complexes - one hole at at time. We have completed the 2nd, 3rd, and 8th holes, are currently working on the 11th hole.


The style of the proposed work is in the ‘Mackenzie tradition’ with an emphasis on continuous, rolling shape which appears natural, and with patterns of white-faced bunkers which add to the visual impact of the holes.


In parallel with this approach there will also be great emphasis of encouraging a variety of shots – both ‘through the air’ and ‘running’ shots to reach some of the pin locations. In years gone by this approach would have been difficult on a kikuyu golf course, but the surfaces at Monash are currently (and will be in the future) firm and neat enough to allow the ball to run.


Chipping will also be given great priority. In many cases, missing a green will still leave golfers with a ‘perfect’ lie on surrounds mown as part of the fairway. But, depending on the rolling shape and the slope of the adjacent green, the chips to some pin locations will be very demanding. And the alternatives once again will be through the air or across the ground.


Where sensible, the fairways will be widened and the mowing patterns changed so that fairways are more accessible. This style is reflected on many of the clay-based courses which Bob Harrison has designed, including Ellerston, The Glades, The Grand, Brookwater and The Vintage.