Before & After Photographs of Bungool at Riverside Oaks

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11 18 2014


Before and after photographs of the first 9 holes of the Bungool Course at Riverside Oaks.


The site had many natural advantages which made it possible to develop an outstanding golf course for a comparatively very low cost.

During construction our focus was on the golfing features of the course (ie. greens, bunkers, tees). The fields where the holes were built were covered with a natural couch grass, meaning extensive planting during construction was not necessary. We improved the surfaces while promoting the existing grasses.



1st hole, Par 4, 390 yds



2nd hole, Par 4, 465 yds



3rd hole, Par 4, 340 yds



4th hole, Par 4, 384 yds



5th hole, Par 5, 523 yds



6th hole, Par 3, 153 yds



7th hole, Par 4, 335 yds



7th hole, Par 4, Fairway bunkers



17th hole, Par 3, 165 yds



18th hole, Par 4, 406 yds


Photographs of Holes 8-16 coming soon