Ardfin Estate Golf Course, Jura, Scotland - CONSTRUCTION UPDATE - JUNE 2016

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06 30 2016



The course will become part of the 14,000-acre Ardfin Estate, which occupies the southern tip of an island best known for its single malt scotch whiskey and with a current population of just 180. The routing at Ardfin will be arranged in two loops along the edge of a series of elevated bluffs. There will be spectacular views across the ocean from every corner of the property. Designed to cause minimal disturbance to the coastal landscape, the holes will be ‘dropped’ onto existing fields, and constructed without substantially modifying the form of the land.

Remaining naturalistic, the course will preserve all of the existing burns which cross the fields, and the large areas of particularly sensitive wilderness (such as wetlands) even where they lie within the playing areas of individual golf holes. Ancient stone walls on the site will be incorporated into the design, while new walls along with the beautiful cliffs will dictate the strategy for many holes by asking players to choose a brave line if they hope to reach a short par 4 or gain a better angle of approach.

The new Ardfin course is part of a major investment in the area, which current estate manager Willie MacDonald describes as ”the most significant on Jura since the distillery was opened in 1963”. Beyond building a golf course, the owners will renovate a number of dilapidated farm buildings. They will also employ additional full-time staff to manage the property. Ardfin Estate is already one of the largest employers on the island, and after this construction will only be surpassed in its economic significance to Jura by the distillery.




"Cliffhanger" features in the Society of Australian Golf Course Architects (SAGCA) highly regarded 'Golf Architecture' journal.  The article discusses the development of the Ardfin Estate course. Link below: article


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1st Hole - Par 4 - 437 yds     2nd Hole - Par 3 - 219 yds     3rd Hole - Par 4 - 344 yds     4th Hole - Par 5 - 549 yds     5th Hole - Par 4 - 302 yds
 6th Hole - Par 4 - 427 yds     7th Hole - Par 5 - 536 yds     8th Hole - Par 4 - 311 yds     9th Hole - Par 4 - 300 yds     10th Hole - Par 3 - 175 yds
11th Hole - Par 4 - 383 yds     12th Hole - Par 3 - 178 yds     13th Hole - Par 4 - 383 yds     14th Hole - Par 4 - 422 yds     15th Hole - Par 4 - 465 yds
16th Hole - Par 5 - 540 yds     17th Hole - Par 4 - 458 yds     18th Hole - Par 5 - 540 yds            





"Stone-walled Approach" features in the Society of Australian Golf Course Architects (SAGCA) highly regarded 'Golf Architecture' journal.  The article discusses the role of stone walls in the strategy of holes with examples on the Old Course (14th), North Berwick (13th), Prestwick (1st), and Muirfield (9th). Bob also provides an insight into the routing of the course for Ardfin Estate on the Isle of Jura, Scotland, where ancient stone walls will be incorporated into the course and used in various ways - some passive, while others will help determine the strategy in the most intimate and integral way. Link below: article



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